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The Quant King

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Is Oil Set For $100?

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From $0 To $1T, Please Welcome Stephen Schwarzman

An Interview With Compounding Quality

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"How Does It Feel To Be A Legend? Pleasing, Obviously"

Who's The Tennis Investment GOAT?

Bill Ackman Is Right But For The Wrong Reasons

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"I'm The Highest Earning Person In Finance...In The World"

Outperformance Is Scarce

The Central Bank Cheatsheet

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Adding Your Two Cents May Cost A Lot

This One Chart Is A Huge Recession Flag

The IPO Within Arms Reach

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Warren Buffett's Best Interview You've Never Seen Before

Meet The Biggest Fan of OnlyFans... The Boss

The Contrarian China Come-Up

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"It's Not In The Dreaming, It's In The Doing"

12 Charts That Caught Our Eye This Week

Disney's Decline Is Not So Fairytale

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From $100 to $5.8bn, Meet The Bull of Dalal Street

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Quiet... Jay's Talking (Jackson Hole Preview)

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“When Investing, Less Is Often More”

Meet The Vietnamese EV Maker Surpassing Ford

Yes, Burry Is Short. But There Is More To It Than The Headline

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The "Great Bear Of Wall Street" You Didn't Know About

ItDoesNotWork - Why WeWork Was Doomed To Fail

Buffett And Berkshire Back To Their Best

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5 Iconic Finance Movie Quotes

Exposing The Ruble Trade That Made Billions

The Unhedged, Risk-On Market Upon Us

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The 5 Principles Of A Trading Mindset

Meet The New ETF With 100% Loss Protection

What To Know Ahead Of Today's Fed Meeting

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“Mistakes Are The Path To Progress”

The Restrictions Hitting US Funds

The Week That Broke The Dollar

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“Take A Simple Idea, And Take It Seriously.”

Can Tesla And Netflix Earnings Keep The Party Going?

Who Benefits From Nasdaq's Rebalancing?

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Bed Bath & Back From The Beyond?

July Usually Brings The Sun

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"I Just Really Like To Find My Own Ideas"

An Interview With Rips

Lucid Riding Passenger With Aston Martin

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The Greatest Investor You've Probably Never Heard Of

Morgan Stanley Say These Stocks Are 'AI Proof'

This Historically Happens After The NASDAQ Jumps 8 Weeks Straight…

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"Make Sure That Being Rejected Doesn't Bother You At All"

A Bull In China's Shop

The Unwind Of The 2023 Trade

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One Of The Greatest Investments Of All Time

A Real Jay Or A June Mockingbird? (US Fed Preview)

Coinbase. Binance. The SEC.

Top Trade Ideas - June 5th

"Don't Cut The Flowers And Water The Weeds"

What It Will Take To "Make Oil Great Again"

"Sell In May And Go Away"?

Top Trade Ideas - May 29th

Investing Principles From 'The Chinese Buffett'

3 Stocks To Buy That Are Riding On Nvidia's Coattails

The Battle Of The Bulls And Bears

Top Trade Ideas - May 22nd

Meet The Man Who Has Returned 6,000% Over The Past 30 Years

Why Long USD/CHF Could Be One Of The Trades Of The Year

An Interview With RocketScooter CEO, Matt Cowart

Top Trade Ideas - May 15th

Let's Talk About The 'R' Word

6 Implications Of A US Debt-Ceiling Crisis On Financial Markets

The Contrarian Gold Trade

Top Trade Ideas - May 8th

The £17bn Wealth Empire of King Charles III

Earnings, AI and Apple's Push To Be A Bank

We Were On A Break (FOMC Preview)

AlphaPicks On Wall Street - May 1st

JP Morgan Has A New AI Trading Model...And It's Good

A Break Of The Balance

AlphaPicks On Wall Street - April 24th

5 Ways To Generate More Alpha On A Portfolio

It's Official, Traders Expect Higher UK Interest Rates Than The US

Is Tesla Demand Drying Up?

AlphaPicks On Wall Street - April 17th

An Impressive Rally, But Enough To Change The Tide?

Right Now, All That Glitters *Is* Gold

Where Did The Money Go? (Bank Earnings Preview)

AlphaPicks On Wall Street - April 10th

"Time In The Markets..."

The Curious Case Of The SPAC King

An Interview With The Bear Cave

AlphaPicks On Wall Street - April 3rd

George Soros, The Man Who Broke The Pound

Michael Burry Was Wrong, But It Doesn't Mean The Market Is Right

Stocks: Alibaba's $32 Billion Break Up

AlphaPicks On Wall Street - March 27th

Weekend: 5 Bucket List Properties Currently For Sale

Markets: Hindenburg Are Back

Economics: The Destination Not The Speed (Fed Preview)

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Trading: Stories From A Crazy Week In The Trenches

Stocks: 6 Disasters That Have Put Credit Suisse On The Brink

An Interview With WhaleStream

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Weekend: 3 Watches That Have Been Better Investments Than Stocks

FX: It's Likely To Be A Hot Summer For The Carry Trade

Markets: More POW From Powell

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Weekend: Warren Buffett's Annual Letter To Shareholders - What To Know...

FX: Being Long Euro Makes Sense (5 Reasons Why)

Commodity: Will The Bullish Bullion Return

AlphaPicks On Wall Street - Feb 27th

Trading: Why Volmageddon Is Unlikely Despite The Rise In Retail Option Buying

An Interview With StockManTrading

Equity: Verified Subscription The Latest Copy-Cat Idea From Meta, But Will It Be Successful?

AlphaPicks On Wall Street - Feb 20th

FX: Why The Fed Have Missed The Boat And How We Can Profit From It

Economics: Hotter-Than-Expected CPI Leaves Markets Mixed

AlphaPicks On Wall Street - Feb 13th

The Value of 'Buy and Hold' Over Time

FX: Why a lot of traders were caught napping on EUR/USD last week

Equity: Is the AI Mania a Quick Fad or Something Bigger?

AlphaPicks On Wall Street - Feb 6th

Weekend: The 1900's Wolf Of Wall Street

Tech: Earnings Review Are A Mixed Bag, But Does The Market Really Care?

An Interview With DarthTrader

Trading: Taking Profits Early, BoE Idea

Economics: Central Bank and Tech Earnings Preview

AlphaPicks On Wall Street - Jan 30th

FX: Why It's Not The Right Time To Short The USD

Commodities: What Next For Oil As Demand Shifts?

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US CPI Inflation Due - We're Protecting Profits

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